Top 5 supercars of the 1990s

The 1990s saw the birth of a lot of exiting supercars.
We will pick our top 5 from this decade.

5. Bugatti EB 110 (1991 – 1995)
A mad creation with four turbos and a 3.5 L V12 gave it 550 hp and a top speed of 343 km/h.
0- 100 km/h took 3.2 seconds.
There were also a more powerfull SS version with 604 hp.

4. Mercedes ClK-GTR (1998 – 1999)
To race in the FIA GT1 class, Mercedes had to buid a road going version of their CLK GTR to be allowed to race.
Only 26 road cars were ever built and it was the most expensive production car available at that time.

3. Lamborghini Diablo (1990 – 2001)

Lamborghinis iconic Diablo had the title as fastest production car for a short time in the early 90s with 320 km/h.
Many versions were built including VT, SV, SE30 and GT.
A total of 2884 cars were produced.

2. Ferrari F50 (1995 – 1997)

Ferraris successor to the F40 was launched in 1995 and based of the 1990 Ferrari 641 F1 car.
The F50 produced 513 hp , 0 – 100 km/h in 3.7 seconds and had a top speed of 325 km/h.
Total production was 349 cars.

1. McLaren F1 (1992 – 1998)

The undisputed king of the 90s.
It set a new standard for performance cars and held the record for fastest production car for 10 years.
The F1 set new standards with the record breaking top speed of 386 km/h and had innovative technical sollutions.
Only 64 roadgoing F1s were built.

Honorable mentions: Porsche 911 GT1, Jaguar XJ220.

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