New Bentley Continental 2018

Bentley has a brand the new Continental GT for 2018, that may look similair to the old one but is according to Bentley it is 100 percent new.
The engine is still a W12 6 litre, but this time producing 626 horsepower and 900 nm of torque.
Impressive numbers considering it is Euro 6 complient and CO2 of 278g/km.
The platform is based on the Porsche Panamera and will make the new GT handle much better than its predecessor.
Something it needs considering the closest competition is the Aston Martin DB11 and the Ferrari GTC4 Lusso.
0 – 100 kmh will take an impressive 3.7 seconds and top speed will be 333 kmh.
For a 2244 kg car this is very impressive.

Photos: Bentley

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