Ferrari 488 Pista

Ferrari has revealed a special edition of their 488.
It is the successor to their much celebrated 458 Speciale from 2013.
In comparison to the 488 GTB the Pista has 90 kilos less weight and 50 more horsepower.
A total of 720 horsepower makes it the most powerfull Ferrari V8 of all time.

According to Ferrari, the development of the car came directly from Ferraris involvement in the FIA World Endurance Championship.
This means that many features derive directly from the 488 Challenge and 488 GTE racecars.

720 horsepower
770 NM of torque
1280 kg
3.9 litre V8 with two turbochargers
0 – 100 Kmh in 2,85 seconds
0 – 200 Kmh in 7,6 seconds
Top speed over 340 km/h

Photo: Ferrari

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