Car feature: Edonis the forgotten supercar

B engineering Edonis rose from the ashes of Bugatti and was heavily based on the EB110.
It had the same 3.8 litre V12 engine enlarged from 3.5 litre, but with two turbos instead of four.
Only 21 cars were planned to be produced, one for each century as it was launched in 2001.
The actual number of cars produced is not known.
B engineering was formed by a group of former Bugatti employees.

– V12 3.8 litre with two turbos
– 671 horsepower
– 735 NM
– 0- 100 KM/H in 3.9 seconds
– 365 KM/H top speed
– 1300 kg weight
– 6 – speed manual transmission

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