BMW has a new X2

BMWs latest car will fill the gap between the X1 and X3.
The platform is based on the X1 and it will be available as two-wheel drive with petrol and four wheel drive with diesel.
Powertrain is similair to the X1, with engines available from a 1.5 litre 138 hp petrol to a 227 hp 2 litre twin-turbo diesel.

The car will be available in SE, Sport, M Sport and M Sport X spesifications, with the M Sport and M Sport X being 10 mm lower than the “basic” X2.

Transmission will be seven and eight speed dual clutch.
Handling and driving experiense is expected to be a lot sportier than the X1.
Currently there has not been any reports of a hybrid version, but perhaps there will be one in the future.

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