Bike feature: Ducati 916

Perhaps the biggest icon in the modern era of motorcycling, the Ducati 916 changed everything when it was released back in 1994.
Featuring many techical innovations and of course iconic styling by Massimo Tamburini, with a single sided swingarm and those clean lines.
It was also one of the first bikes to have electronic fuel injection and an adjustable headstock.
The first bikes where actually built at the Cagiva factory in Varese (because of a fire at the Ducati factory) and features the elephant logo from Cagiva on some parts.

The 916cc, four valves per cylinder, liquid cooled engine is an evolution of the one found in the 851 and 888 superbikes.
With about 105 rear wheel horsepower on the standard version, peak power was not mindblowing but it was the way the 90 degree L-twin delivered the power that was its real strenght.
The trellis frame gave the bike a rock sollid stability in the turns.
A 916 takes a little effort to turn over, but holds its line like its on rails once its leaned over.

It was not only very succesful as a road bike, but also a multiple championship winner in the world superbike championship.
Riders such as Troy Bayliss and Carl Foggerty rode the 916 and 996 to the top of the leaderboards in many races and championships.

The 916 and its evolutions 996 and 998 came in different special editions such as the SP,SPS,Senna and R models with higher spec suspension and states of tune.
Last of these were the 998 final edition released in 2004 ten years after the 916s introduction.

Already considered a modern classic, prices are on the rise and special editions like the 916 SPS are becoming quite pricey.
The 916 range was replaced by the controversial 999, a bike that will be featured later on this site.

Technical data (916 Strada)

CC: 916
HP(Wheel): 105
Torque: 91 NM
Top speed: 260 KM/H
Frame: Tubular trellis steel
Brakes: Brembo
Transmission: 6-speed manual with dry clutch
Suspension: Showa front and rear
Weight: 194,5 kg (dry)

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