Bike feature: Ducati 1098 / 1198 the bike that saved Ducati

In 2006 Ducati was in a pressured situation, while racing success with their 999 superbike was good, sales wasn’t the best due to the 999s controversial styling.
Sales went up significantly compared to the previous generation when Ducati introduced the 1098 in late 2006.

The design was heavily inspired by the classic 916 with a few modern touches and proved to be well recieved by fans of the brand. The single sided swingarm was back after being absent on the 999 model.

Ducati needed to increase their capacity in order to be competitive in world superbike against the 1000 cc inline fours and made the rules change from 1000 to 1200 cc for two cylinder machines.
As a race bike the 1098 was very successful, winning two world superbike titles in 2008 and 2011.

The base and S model had a 1099 cc 90 degree twin with 160 horsepower, while the homologation special 1098 R had 180 horsepower from its 1198 cc twin.
Ohlins suspension was standard on the R and S models, while the base model had Showa.

The replacement 1198 was released in 2009 and featured an increase of ten more horsepower over the previous 1098.
It also had traction control, different wheels and some small paint changes.

Technical data (1098 S):
Capacity: 1099 cc
Horsepower: 160
Torque: 122.4 nm
Weight: 171 kg
Brakes: Brembo monoblock
Suspension: Ohlins
Frame: Tubular steel trellis

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